Camping Passes


Camping Passes


2 camping sections to choose from. We offer a quiet area for Family Camping or a Party Camping area for a more social experience.

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· 15x25' area.

· Includes parking for 1 vehicle and allowed 1 tent.

· Approved purchaser must be present with ID at time of check-in.

· All types of tents allowed but must fit in your designated camping space.

· One tent allowed per camp site.

· Re-entry privileges to/from the LRS Fest.

· All campers must have an LRS Fest wristband and Tent Camper wristband to access this area.

· All vehicles will be subject to search at any time for prohibited items.

· Additional vehicles require an extra weekend parking pass.

· Festival Passes are required in order to purchase campsite.

· Campsites will be assigned when you arrive. You must arrive together to camp together.

· Toilets and hand washing stations available.

· 24-hour security and EMT.